William Rand
William Rand (B.1953) is an American draftsman, painter, sculptor and writer. Born in Ontonagon Mich, Rand grows up on the Maine coast. Tutored as a child in art, Rand studies Per-Raphaelite painting as a teenager at Cambridge, Oxford and London Universities with the Choate School.

In 1978, the artist graduates from The Portland School of Art (now Maine College of Art) with a BFA in painting: the art school has a strong drawing and human anatomy emphasis, teaching BAUHAUS color theory.

In the late 70's Rand works with FLUXUS artist Albert M. Fine in Maine, who convinces Rand to abandon using color in his work.

Painting in Maine and New York in the 1980's Rand works with Warhol Factory Superstar, poet and art critic (Artforum) Rene Ricard in the East Village, NY.

Famous for promoting the paintings of Julian Schnabel and Jean Michel Basquiat, Ricard pens "Les Lecons des Tenebres" about Rand's figurative paintings. (Published: 56 Bleecker Gallery LTD. 1989 NY).

"In William Rand's paintings for example one must look to the shadows for information. In fact this oeuvre is a meditation on darkness: a painting in the shade." Rene Ricard HOTEL CHELSEA 1989.

BEAT poet and Warhol Factory moviestar Taylor Mead and Rand work together in New York in the 80's and 90's. Rand publishes the "Anonymous Diary of a New York Youth" print portfolio, providing images for Taylor Mead's revolutionary poems. (Collection Colby College Museum of Art, The Farnsworth Museum and the New York Public Library Print Dept.) Exhibited Gotham Book Mart, NY 1992.

In 1993, The Colby College Museum of Art, Maine shows Rand's large monochromatic, figurative paintings, publishing a catalog with essays by: Dennis Adamo (For Those about to Rock), Alan Jones (Painting in Wartime) and Rene Ricard (Les Lecons des Tenebres), curated by Bill Stelling (Fun Gallery, NY).

Press: Art Review-Hayne Sprunt Tate MAINE TIMES Sept. 10, 1993
"The paintings of William Rand, who lives in Maine and NY, root the vocabulary of violence in the culture of photo journalism and mass media."

Rand moves to Europe in 1996. Opening a studio in Madrid, Rand begins a long distance collaboration with New York art critic, and poet Richard Milazzo: painting The Ava Gardner project. Milazzo's essay "William Rand's Ava: Sacred and Profane" is published in Spanish, 2003, Galeria Najera, Madrid.

"What we get in Rand's work is old-style glamour and sex, with a 50's modernist twist, smoldering beneath the surface." Richard Milazzo New York City, June 14, 2000, Jan 19, 2001, April 26, 2002.

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